About Us

Ray Cox is a pioneer. His technical mastery is grounded in the Pewtersmiths of his native Connecticut, where he begun studies with Frances Felten in the early 1970's. He has moulded and shaped that traditional knowledge into a personal vocabulary of techniques, working methods and stylistic elements. Continually pushing the bounds of the traditions he inherited, his work has changed the history of the metal. He has developed two distinct genres, "Air Cast" and "Pewter Color".

Pewter is a tin/copper alloy, the opposite of old Bronze.

"Air Cast" bowls are hand cast in open moulds, highlighting form, texture and color. 

"Pewter Color" is work of craft that becomes art. Each piece is original, one of a kind... Pewter is remade in form and color.

Ray worked independently for more than 20 years and established Quidi Vidi Pewter in 1997. In 2018 his son Jacob Cox started working pewter with him and has developed and maintained an online presence for Quidi Vidi Pewter.

Quidi Vidi Hand Wrought Pewter. Invented in Newfoundland. Made in Newfoundland.